Air Taxi

The Air Taxi service has become an essential tool for many executives who need to maximise the efficiency of their working day. Flying with Air nimbus is the ideal route for a modern executive to travel on business with the maximum of flexibility, comfort and service at affordable prices.

With Air nimbus's fast response, short distance flights in Europe are quicker than ever. You can fly to various destinations in the same day, saving time.

Do you have a last minute event, cinema or music festival, corporate road show? Air nimbus offers its clients total flexibility, in pure style and comfort. Not only can you enjoy the event, you can also return home or to your office without any “stress” and without the delays common with commercial airlines. Air nimbus is an excellent transport option for special events.

Do you wish to shop in a European capital but have no time to lose? Air nimbus is the best option. We provide a fast, efficient and effective response, so as to maximise your schedule and exceed your expectations.

Contact Air Nimbus at +351 210 029 939 or and ask for your quote now.

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